Egypt Brings Back Daylight Saving Time to Save Energy

Published at: March 21, 2023

Egypt's leaders have decided to start using Daylight Saving Time (DST) again, starting on April 28, 2023. They believe this will help save energy in the country.

Egypt Brings Back Daylight Saving Time to Save Energy

The New Egyptian DST Schedule

Daylight Saving Time means that the clocks will be changed twice a year. In Egypt, the plan is to move the clocks forward by one hour on April 28, and then move them back one hour on October 27. This way, there will be more sunlight during the day, and people won't need to use as much electricity for lights.

A History of DST in Egypt

This isn't the first time Egypt has used DST. In the past, they tried it several times but stopped for different reasons. For example, they didn't have DST between 2011 and 2013, and they tried it again in 2014 to help with an electricity shortage but stopped in 2015.

Changes to the DST Schedule

In the past, Egypt sometimes changed the clocks four times a year because of Ramadan, an important religious time for Muslims. But this time, they will only change the clocks twice a year.

Egypt's leaders hope that using Daylight Saving Time will help save energy and be good for the country.

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