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Stopwatch f.a.q.

I see the stopwatch glitch sometimes, does this affect accuracy?

First of all: this does not affect the stopwatches accuracy. Some browsers have trouble displaying the milliseconds. The stopwatches measurement is aligned with your PC's internal clock. This makes deviation caused by a slow browser impossible

What are the most common usecases for the stopwatch?

You can use this stopwatch while playing games where time is a factor. For example for the game 30 seconds. You can also keep track of sports competitions etc. Using the halftime function on the stopwatch you can easily keep track of individual times.

Should I use this stopwatch for official time measurement

While we try to make measurement as accurate as possible we are depending on your computers internal clock. This makes the stopwatch suitable for home use only. For professional porposes use a calibrated time measurement device.

Can I display the stopwatch fullscreen?

Yes, we made that possible. First press F11 on your keyboard to make the browser switch to fullscreen. Next click the fullscreen switch on the stopwatch.