Greenland has announced that it will change its time zone

Published at: Dec. 25, 2022

The government of Greenland has announced that it will change its time zone. Instead of the current UTC-3, Greenland will use UTC-2 starting next year. This will reduce the time difference between Netherlands and Greenland from 4 hours to 3 hours. In comparison to New York, however, Greenland will be 3 hours ahead instead of 2 hours.

Greenland changes times

The change has been introduced to bring the local population more in line with the rest of Europe. It also means that Greenlanders will be better able to work with their European colleagues due to the reduced time difference. It is expected that this will have a positive impact on the Greenland economy.

The change is the result of years of debate and discussion. Many people believe that the change will have a positive effect on trade and tourism. In addition, many people hope that the change will make the Greenland population feel more connected to Europe.