Current time in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is a very big. It takes the sun over two hours to travel form the east to the west of the country. Therefore it is not surprising that Kazakhstan uses multiple time zones. One for the east and one for the west. The East of the country observes Alma-Ata Time ALMT. ALMT is UTC +0600. The west of the country observes Aqtobe Time AQTT. AQTT is UTC +0500. The longitude of Kazakhstan western border is 88° E and the longitude of its eastern border is 46° E. Therefore geographically time in east Kazakhstan is too far ahead of UTC. The fact that there is no daylight savings time in Kazakhstan is also surprising. Kazakhstan latitude is 50° 00’ N, you would expect there will be a need for it in Kazakhstan. In 2005 the country decided to abandon daylight savings time.

Important cities in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has several timezones, the current time in some important cities in Kazakhstan is shown below.

Time in Kazakhstan