Current time in Kuwait


9:03 p.m.
July 5, 2022

Local time in Kuwait

The time in Kuwait is 3 hours ahead of UTC and 7 hours ahead of Ashburn. There is no daylightsaving in effect at the moment.

Details for the time in Kuwait

Current time
9:03 p.m.
Timezone Asia/Kuwait (+03)
Olson timezone name Asia/Kuwait
Time difference 7 hours ahead of Ashburn
  3 hours ahead of UTC

Kuwait Daylight Saving time (DST)

Kuwait does not observe daylight savings.


Kuwait uses Arabia Standard Time AST. AST is UTC +0300. Kuwait's latitude and longitude is 29° 30' N and 47° 45' E. therefore a three hours offset between AST and UTC is very suitable for Kuwait. Kuwait is a small country. The takes the sun just a few minutes to “travel” from the east to the west of the Kuwait.

Important cities in

has several timezones, the current time in some important cities in is shown below.