Current time in Philippines


12:55 p.m.
Sept. 24, 2023

Local time in Philippines

The time in Philippines is 8 hours ahead of UTC and 6 hours ahead of Amsterdam. The timezone in Philippines is Philippine Time (PST). Philippines is not using Daylight Saving Time (DST) but used to in the past. The last DST transition was in 1978.

Details for the time in Philippines

Current time
12:55 p.m.
Time zone Philippine Time (PST)
IANA time zone Asia/Manila
Your time difference 6 hours ahead of Amsterdam
UTC time difference UTC+8
8 hours ahead of UTC

Philippines Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Philippines is not using Daylight Saving Time.


The Philippines use Philippine Time PHT. PHT is UTC +0800. Philippines's latitude and longitude is 13° 00 N and 122° 00 E . Therefore an eight hours offset between PHT and UTC is close to perfect for the Philippines. Due to its low latitude the Philippines have no need for daylight savings time.

Important cities in Philippines

The current time in some important cities in Philippines is shown below.

Time in Philippines