Current time in Qatar


8:35 a.m.
Jan. 29, 2023

Local time in Qatar

The time in Qatar is 3 hours ahead of UTC and 2 hours ahead of Amsterdam. The timezone in Qatar is Arabia Standard Time (AST). Qatar is not using Daylight Saving Time (DST) but used to in the past. The last DST transition was in 1972.

Details for the time in Qatar

Current time
8:35 a.m.
Time zone Arabia Standard Time (AST)
IANA time zone Asia/Qatar
Your time difference 2 hours ahead of Amsterdam
UTC time difference UTC+3
3 hours ahead of UTC

Qatar Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Qatar is not using Daylight Saving Time.


Qatar uses Arabia Standard Time AST. AST is UTC +0300. Qatar's latitude and longitude is 25° 30' N and 51° 15' E. Therefore being three hours behind UTC is very suitable for the country. Considering its latitude it’s no big surprise that there is no daylight savings time in Qatar. The country isn’t very big, it takes the sun less than eight minutes to travel from the east to the west of the country.

Fifa World Cup 2022

Time in Qatar is a funny thing. For years, the country existed in a kind of temporal limbo, somewhere between East and West, between night and day. But then, in 2012, Qatar was awarded the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and everything changed. Time became a precious commodity. Suddenly, there was a deadline to meet. Qatar had to be ready for the world's biggest sporting event in just eight years.

To achieve this, Qatar has embarked on an ambitious construction program. New stadiums are being built, roads and railways are being laid, and a brand new city is being created from scratch. All of this has to be done while the mercury regularly tops 40 degrees Celsius.

Important cities in Qatar

The current time in some important cities in Qatar is shown below.

Time in Qatar