Current time in Sweden


9:14 p.m.
March 25, 2023

Local time in Sweden

The time in Sweden is 1 hour ahead of UTC. The current timezone in Sweden is Central European Time (CET). Sweden is currently observing Standard Time (DST) also known as winter time. Daylight Saving Time in Sweden starts at March 26, 2023.

Details for the time in Sweden

Current time
9:14 p.m.
Time zone Central European Time (CET)
DST: Central European Summer Time (CEST)
IANA time zone Europe/Stockholm
Your time difference 1 hour ahead of UTC
UTC time difference UTC+1
1 hour ahead of UTC

Sweden Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Sweden uses Daylight Saving Time. In the table below you can find out when DST begins and when DST ends in Sweden.

Last DST ended at Oct. 30, 2022
Sets the clock back 1 hour
Next DST starts at March 26, 2023
Sets the clock forward 1 hour
DST is ending at Oct. 29, 2023
Sets the clock back 1 hour


Sweden uses Central European Time CET and Central European Sumer Time CEST. CET is UTC +0100 and CEST is UTC +0200. Sweden's latitude and longitude is 62° 00' N and 15° 00' E. Therefore being one hour ahead of UTC is perfect for Sweden. The country does observe daylight savings time. This is especially useful for the South of the country. In the North there is enough light during summer without it.

Important cities in Sweden

The current time in some important cities in Sweden is shown below.

Time in Sweden