Current time in Tuvalu


11:31 p.m.
June 19, 2024

Local time in Tuvalu

The time in Tuvalu is 12 hours ahead of UTC and 16 hours ahead of Ashburn. The timezone in Tuvalu is Tuvalu Time (TVT). Tuvalu is not using Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Details for the time in Tuvalu

Current time
11:31 p.m.
Time zone Tuvalu Time (TVT)
IANA time zone Pacific/Funafuti
Your time difference 16 hours ahead of Ashburn
UTC time difference UTC+12
12 hours ahead of UTC

Tuvalu Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Tuvalu is not using Daylight Saving Time.


Tuvalu uses Tuvalu Time TVT. TVT is UTC +1200. Tuvalu is an Island nation in the Pacific Ocean located at 8°32′ S 179° 13′ E. Very close to the International Dateline. Tuvalu is one of the first nations to see the new day. The Islands aren’t far south of the equator and have no use for daylight savings time.

Important cities in Tuvalu

The current time in some important cities in Tuvalu is shown below.

Time in Tuvalu