Current time in Kiribati


The Republic Kiribati is an Island Nation Republic in the Central Pacific Ocean. It consists of a lot of islands which can be divided in three main groups. These groups are, from east to west, the Line Island, the Phoenix Islands and the Gilbert Islands. These three groups have their own time zone. Kiribati is located on the spot where the anti-meridian and the equator cross each other. Time wise it is one of the most interesting places in the world. The anti-meridian is at 180° longitude. The international dateline roughly follows this anti-meridian. Following is exactly would mean different dates on the islands of Kiribati. The International Date Line was bended to prevent this. Therefore al of Kiribati is one date zone but multiple time zones. The Line Islands use Line Island Time LINT. The Phoenix Islands use Phoenix Island Time PHOT and the Gilbert Islands use Gilbert Island Time GILT. LINT is UTC +1400. PHOT is UTC +1300 and GILT is UTC +1200. Because the international date line was bended time can be more than 12 hours ahead of UTC. Interesting fact: For almost two hours a day there are three different dates in the world.

Important cities in Kiribati

Kiribati has several timezones, the current time in some important cities in Kiribati is shown below.

Time in Kiribati