Current time in Mongolia


As we all know Mongolia is a very big country. The longitude of its eastern border is 120° W, its western border is at 86° W. This means it takes the sun over two hours to “travel” from the east to the west of the country and it’s no surprise the country uses multiple time zones. Central and East Mongolia use Ulaanbaatar Time ULAT. ULAT is UTC +0800. The west of Mongolia uses Hovd Time HOVD. HOVD is UTC +0700. Mongolia’s latitude is 47° 55' N , certainly high enough to have a need for daylight savings time. The country stopped using daylight savings time but reinstated it in 2015. During summer Mongolia’s time zones are UTC +0800 and UTC +0900.

Important cities in Mongolia

Mongolia has several timezones, the current time in some important cities in Mongolia is shown below.

Time in Mongolia