Current time in Russia


As we all know Russia is very big. The longitude of its western border is close to 28° 00’ E and the longitude of is eastern border is around 169° 1′ 0″ W. Russia spans half the world, therefore it is no surprise the country uses eleven time zones. From East to West the following time zones are observed. Kamchatka Time PETT, PETT is UTC +1200. Srednekolymsk Time SRET, SRET is UTC +1100. Vladivostok Time VLAT, VLAT is UTC +1000. Yakutsk Time YAKT, YAKT is UTC +0900. Irkutsk Time IRKT, IRKT is UTC +0800. Krasnoyarsk Time KRAT. KRAT is UTC +0700. Omsk Time OMST, OMST is UTC +0600. Yekaterinburg Time YEKT, YEKT is UTC +0500. Samara Time SAMT. SAMT is UTC +0400. Moscow Time MSK, MSK is UTC +0300. Kaliningrad Time USZ1. USZ1 is UTC +0200. Most of European Russia uses Moscow Time. There is no daylight savings time in Russia.

Important cities in Russia

Russia has several timezones, the current time in some important cities in Russia is shown below.

Time in Russia